Number 31: Lenses Alien- Cymbals Eat Guitars

One of the main reasons that I ever checked out this band was that on a friend’s recommendation, they were supposed to sound like an honest Modest Mouse, HONEST MOUSE as he so lovingly put it. But I love Modes Mouse so I immediately checked Cymbals Eat Guitars out.  And they were solid. This was the kind of music I was brought up on and the kind of music that I love. It was a rocking good time, the vocals were good, the guitar playing and chord changes were firm and musical and I was just so excited to have found out about another band that I could love and devote my time to. One of the things that I really enjoyed were the changes from rocking out to the acoustic warbling. It really makes this album more than what it could have been. In music I’ve come to learn, there must be contrast, and boy does this band personify that belief. The description, HONEST MOUSE started as a bit of a joke, but I think honest is a great adjective for this band. They play with their hearts and they are playing some damn ass music to boot. There’s not a lot more I ask from bands these days.


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