Number 30: Go Tell Fire To The Mountain- Wu Lyf

The first thing that struck me when I heard Go Tell Fire To The Mountain was the voice screeching on track 2, “Cave Song.” There is nothing like a good scream when it comes to music in my opinion, and here with Wu Lyf, that screech is there for the majority of the time and it is awesome. A friend described them as Arcade Fire for men, and honestly, with a description like that, any band would be sweet. But when I finally sat down to listen to them, I was amazed with how tight the group was and how accurate that description was. Everything is just so up beat and rockin’. The single off the album, “We Bros” embodies the album perfectly. Because this is definitely an album for bros. The manliness is there, backed by the rough and edgy vocals and all the hype that this band faced was well rewarded. Aside from that, Arcade Fire is hard to hate, their music isn’t controversial and I hate to say it, but somewhat neutral. Now that doesn’t take away from how good they are, but they just aren’t a hateable band. But with Wu Lyf, you either have to love how the vocals come across, or hate the whole screaming thing. And the fact they can create their own little controversy is something that just adds to a band and makes them all the more fun to listen to, knowing there are people out there questioning your sanity.


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