Number 29: Dye It Blonde- Smith Westerns

When that guitar starts off the Dye it Blond, biting and snapping out of the speakers, you know life is about to change. “Weekend” is just an amazingly, awesome, awe- inspiring and humbling experience to listen to. Hearing that song just makes me want to jump and dance around the room, yelling for the simple, pure joy of a God damn good guitar riff, which are getting harder and harder to find these days. Added to all that is a charming voice, crooning back and forth with the sharp guitar sound, as if they are pulling and tugging each other, seeing who will be victorious in their little spat of dominance. And well, after that song, nothing on that album can really compare. But it’s a good, solid album, oozing indiness and classic alternative beach rock. It’s an album about fun and good times. About kids running about in the summer. There’s no better music to listen to in the summer, out on a cool night under the stars. School is out and anything is possible are the kind of sentiments I get from this album because basically it’s about youth and the fleetingness of it and there’s not a whole lot more I could ask for to follow a song like “Weekend.”


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