Number 28: Yuck- Yuck

Rough guitar work done well is hard to find sometimes. But Yuck attacks with just the right ferocity and then contrasts with little bursts of fragile riffs to make it seem like something special. To put this plainly, this is 90’s rock done to perfection. Images of Oasis and the La’s are brought up every time I jam to Yuck, but I’m not overwhelmed by thoughts of other bands. Yuck has cleanly created themselves into their own brand of that form of rock n roll and no one can take that away from them. The difference I really see between Smith Westerns and Yuck (who both battled valiantly against each other to see who would be the “better” album) was that Yuck seems to be filled with more emotion and more meaning that Dye It Blond really had. Its almost as if Yuck has been around the bend a couple of times and knows what life is like and what kind of curve balls are up the worlds sleeve. And because of that so called experience, Yuck does not have the sense of fun that Dye It Blond has and it came down to what I liked more, the mature rock, or the fun indieness. I chose maturity this time, but lets be honest, the fro on Jonny Rogoff is sick too.


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