Number 27: Father, Son, Holy Ghost- Girls

On my first listen to Father, Son, Holy Ghost, I went in with a good amount of anticipation. It was my first ever sit down and jam out to an album with my bro and Girls had impressed me with what little I had heard. I mean, “Carolina” is a damn ass song. And it started out good. Not great. Not mind blowing. But good. Then track 3 hit me. I instantly got off the couch to see that its called, “Die,” and it made a whole lotta sense. The guitar was rippin’ and smashin’ through my speakers and it just oozed that classic Christopher Owens/ Elvis Costello voice that just makes you wanna cry and scream at the same time. After that song, I was completely sold and it just made the next track, “Saying I Love You” that much better with its contrasting roughness and attempt at being delicate. I still can’t get over Owens’s voice. It just has the right amount of emotion and rawness that you need for a good rock n roll singer. The little bit of raspiness just fills the room even at his quietest moments. Even with my reaction to “Die,” “Vomit” is still the best track on this album by far. The intro’s quiet guitar builds to the chorus of Owens’s belting out he is looking for love, which is enough to touch any adolescent’s mind and convince them Owens knows the pain we all have felt. In the end, the album rounds out well, coming down from the climax that is “Vomit,” with tracks that again help emphasize Costellowens’s voice and keep anyone out there looking for love.


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