Honorable Mention: Echoes of Silence- The Weeknd

There are really not enough words for me to describe The Weeknd and how I felt when I first heard “Wicked Games.” I am proud to say I was there when House of Balloons first came out, I am proud to say I was there when Thursday dropped, and obviously I was there when Echoes of Silence was released, listening to it that first day of “official” existence. I have loved every second of every minute of The Weeknd and Echoes of Silence was no different. I just couldn’t find an honest way to have it in my list for the simple fact that The Weeknd couldn’t improve on House of Balloons or Thursday in my opinion and they deserved the love of my list. But asides from that, Echoes of Silence had just as many positives as the other two projects. The difference here was that for the first time in my listening of him, I thought that there were songs that deserved to stand out from the rest of the album. “Initiation” and “The Fall” both had some strong percussion and just really rocked more than what I was used to. They had the feel of singles, which is not something I had heard in his earlier work, and this was a welcome surprise. His cover of “D.D.” by Michael Jackson was also a wonderful addition to his work. His voice has many similarities to Jackson himself and it is one of the best covers of a Michael Jackson song that I have ever heard. So. In the end I chose to have one Honorable Mention to honor the Weeknd one more time. And this is it.


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