My friends have been trying to get my into OFWGKTA for as long as I can remember ( about 3 months) and I just never could bring myself to listen. Most of the content by the leader of the group, Tyler the Creator, is very vulgar and in your face. So it took me some time to get used to. But as I started listening to more of the other members in the group, (there are over 10) I started to realized that OFWGKTA meant more than just trying to freak people out. They were just doing what they wanted to do and in a way it was very fresh to see them fighting the man so much. In this day and age where it seems every other hip hop star is being controlled by his record label to do what the “masses” want, it was nice to see them rebel so much. As crazy as they are, their rapping is smooth and their beats are hypnotic and are definitely worth a listen.


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