Liquid Swords

After getting myself acquainted with Wu-Tang Clan, I went to look into some of the groups solo work, which supposedly is even better than Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The GZA was the first member that I went to check out and his most famous album is Liquid Swords.

I was blown away with the production (done of course by the RZA) and just the flow that the GZA has. Because it was so soon after the Wu-Tang Clan, many of the members are featured and that adds even more to the rapping. The lyrics are about real life, the violence that happens on the streets, and the way the rhymes were constructed really added to how the whole album came across. Every Clan member that was featured really out did themselves and made the GZA look extremely good. The whole album I had my head nodding to the  beats and enjoying myself immensely.


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