The Passanger

My whole life I have had a bias against Iggy Pop. All that I have ever really known about him is that he enjoyed to cut himself on stage when he performed. This little fact always turned me off from checking out his music, but the other day I heard a song I really liked. It turned out to be by Iggy Pop him self and I could not believe it. It was upbeat with a voice like johnny cash but not as country. The lyrics flowed and the whole beat of the tambourine throughout the song really gave it a happier feeling than what I would have anticipated from a man who cuts himself on stage.

So I got to thinking that he might not be so bad so I checked out the album this track is from, Lust for Life and I throughly enjoyed it. I learned a valuable lesson, no matter what foolish shenanigans people might get up to on stage, their music can still be amazing.


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