Kanye West, Artist of the Decade?

With Kanye West’s new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, being released barely weeks ago, the question has been raised (by yours truly) is Kanye West the best artist from the 2000’s? His music is filled with witty lyrics, sweet beats and catchy tunes that are on the radio and in everyone’s car. His music is full of every kind of genre, jazz, rap, soul and pop music. Everyone can find a song that he has released that has some sort of thing that they enjoy.

He may be extremely controversial with his shenanigans at the Grammy’s  and MTV award shows when he got on stage and told the world how he felt. A lot of people see no need to listen to his music because in the past he has been disrespectful to people like Taylor Swift.

But it can’t be ignored that Kanye is one of the greatest producers ever. He produced the Blue Print, Jay-Z’s greatest album, not to mention that West is involved in every one of his albums that are released. Over all, he is the closet thing we have for this decade that reaches to every kind of music fan, and he does it uniquely with some pretty amazing music, no matter which way you look at it.


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