Kanye West

Today Kanye West finally released his 5th studio album to much appreciation after months of anticipation, name changing and leaked singles. I have yet to come across a review site that has not looked favorably on this work of art and Kanye really has out done himself this time. After a bit of a let down in 808’s and Heartbreak when Kanye was going through a break up and the death of his mother, this album comes as a big redemption album for him as he begins his reign as America’s number one artist again. There is not a track on this album that does not have you nodding your head to the beat and learning the lyrics as fast as you can. Tracks like Monster, Power and Dark Fantasy remind you of classic Kanye, but with some added spice as it has been sooo long since he has released anything this good. Probably not since College Dropout have his tracks had the kind of attitude and flare that they are dripping with now.

The only complaint that I can think of for this album is the length of the tracks. 11 tracks are longer than 4 minutes and two tracks are over 7 minutes. But if you think about it, the length just lets you listen for that much longer.

The whole album had lost of help from legendary producer the RZA and that made for a much more joyous listen, not to mention all the guest appearances including Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj. Over all, Yeezy has struck gold. And yes, the hype is worth it.


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