Janelle Monae

According to Metacritic.com ( a review site that compiles reputable review scores into the ultimate score), Janelle Monae’s the ArchAndroid scored a 91, one of the highest scores possible and one of the best scores of 2010 so far for a new album. Janelle Monae mixes hip hop and electronica music together to get the most unique sound of this year by far. But is it the best? Big Boi, Broken Bells and Kanye West have released some other amazing albums this year that deserve to be in the same conversation, not to mention the new album by the Roots and Arcade Fire. Yet all of those albums had qualities to them that could have been expected. Big Boi had some amazing flow, Broken Bells was basically the Shins but with a better producing, Kanye was just classic Kanye with witty lyrics and sweet beats and Arcade Fire was more amazing indie music. But Janelle Monae really was the most revolutionary here, with the beats, the rapping, the singing and the horn sections, not a part of music was forgotten and she truly has the most revolutionary album, if not the best.


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