I had not heard much from the great Hold Steady from the 90’s or Dr. Dog, an indie band from the 2000’s, but when I went to see them live at the Sunshine Theater on Tuesday, my mind was blown. Normally when I go to a concert I enjoy singing along to the lyrics. But I only knew two Dr. Dog songs going into this concert and I decided to take the risk and go anyways to just enjoy the good jams. I was pleasantly surprised when not only was Dr. Dog worth my $20, the Hold Steady put on an awesome show as well! Their lead singer Craig Finn had a gigantic smile on his face the entire show and his singing had that energy that just makes you smile too and has you singing along by the end of the show. They clearly deserve the respect of today’s music scene, and you see their influences in bands like the Gaslight Anthem and other American rockers.

Dr. Dog also had the same kind of energy, with smiles and tight ensembles making up their part of the show and I had a new appreciation for both bands by the end even without knowing a single lyric. I’ve learned that it makes no difference if you can sing along or not at a concert. The bands just have to be sweet enough to hold your attention.


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